City of Stars – ‘La La Land’ Review (spoiler free)

How can I possibly write about something that can be describe as nothing less than breath-taking? If you haven’t heard yet, then I will happily introduce you! La La Land is the new musical phenomena sweeping this week’s box office after its opening night on the 13th of this month. The beautifully shot feature follows … Continue reading City of Stars – ‘La La Land’ Review (spoiler free)

The Glasgow Dream

Everyone has heard of ‘The American dream’. A saying which many take look to in life in an attempt to achieve success, wealth and happiness. Hundreds of thousands of people from around the world wish for nothing more than this promise of stability, so long as you are dedicated and motivated to work for it. … Continue reading The Glasgow Dream

The Danish Girl

'The Danish girl,' an artistic masterpiece by director Tom Hooper, tells the story of successful Danish artist Einar Wegener and his journey to becoming one of the first men in history to receive gender reassignment surgery to become the woman he felt he was inside, Lili Elbe. The movie takes place in mid-1920s Copenhagen, Denmark, … Continue reading The Danish Girl


Discovered through social media sites like Tumblr and Twitter, Internet’s most talked about woman, Halsey -Pictured below- release’s first album, BADLANDS. If you have a social media account and have been fairly active on it within the past year (whether it be a Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or Instagram) chances are you have seen this bright … Continue reading Halsey